Annual Certification Report And Sharing Agreement

New e-mail address for filing affidavits; Service of correct e-mail addresses (18.10.2013) Personal protective equipment for first aid (07.04.2020) Executive Order 13688 Controlled Equipment (10/1/2015) Prohibition of services based on contingency charges (6/5/2013) sub-accounts and sub-accounts and cash available; DAG 71 protocols are no longer required (20.07.2015) signatures of agency and management bodies; eShare Portal Access (19.06.2014) New fair sharing agreement and certification form – version 2.0; Indiana Equitable Sharing Training (04.10.2011) Unclassified expenses for the fair sharing agreement and certification form (7.10.2015) DAG-71 Mandatory Electronic Submission; New filing deadline DAG-71 Reminder (14.04.2015) Accounting policies / Suspension and exclusion requirements (28.01.2020). . Executive Decree restoring access to vital equipment and resources for national, tribal and local law enforcement agencies (28. August 2017) New Agency compliance link on the public website (31.08.2010) Fair Sharing Agreement and Certification Form Information Results of the Audit and Review of the Fair Sharing Program (19. Oktober 2017). Alle PDF-Formulare (Portable Document Format) können mit einer kostenlosen Kopie des Adobe Acrobat Reader angezeigt werden. Neues DAG-71-Formular und elektronische Einreichung in Kürze (8/11/2014) Hunde und damit verbundene Ausgaben; Georgia Equitable Sharing Training (20.07.2012) Neue CFDA für DOJ Equitable Sharing Funds; Transfers zwischen Agenturen (21.05.2012). U.S. Marshals service payment notifications (14.06.2018). New section on the use of funds in the Guide to Fair Sharing (30.07.2014) Requirements for keeping fair sharing accounts (23.10.2019) Guide to fair sharing for state and local law enforcement agencies – New!. .


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