Bills Purchase Line Agreement

The product is intended to meet the short-term financing needs of exporters through L/C or collection. It is divided into document – Letter Compliance Srechnungs Purchase under the L / C, Document – Letter in compliance Bill Purchase under invoice L /C, D / P Purchase bill and d / A collection account. 5. If customers wish to finance by purchasing invoices, the following conditions should be avoided: 5. Lowering the credit renewal threshold. For the document – the compliance invoice of the letter Buy under L / C, the exporter can apply for the purchase of invoices even without a line of credit to the Bank of China Of Brussels. VI. FAQ 1. The currency of the financing can be the currency of banknotes or RMB. 2.

The purchase of an import invoice is a short-term credit generally lasting less than 120 days. 4. When requesting invoices under the L/C, customers must endeavour to provide export documents in accordance with the terms of the credit agreement; II. Features and benefits ICBC Import Purchase Bill is easy to apply, flexible under repayment terms and uses the same line of credit L/C. ICBC helps you fulfill the contract without overspending your business. Your company is now better known on the international market. 3. L/Cs that limit trading by other banks are not available for invoice purchase; 2. After verification, bank of China Brussels Branch will sign a letter of confirmation for the purchase of billing transactions and transfer the money to the exporter`s account; By using the national invoice buying line, you can meet your daily working capital requirement by purchasing your customer`s local cheques directly. I. Introduction ICBC Import Bill Purchase is a solution to meet liquidity if your company has to pay foreign currency to your foreign exporter under the L/C. ICBC collection conditions will make the payment and recover the shipping documents for your business in order to start processing or selling.

IV. How to use Send to ICBC: 1. Application form; 2. Receiving trust; 3) the contract for the sale of the import invoice; 4. certification of the legal representative and/or letter of authorization, the statutes of your company, the decision of the board of directors (if necessary); 5. Other documents requested by ICBC. 2. For documents – invoice for compliance with the letter Purchase, if the line of credit in the financial institution cannot be filled, the threshold for extension of credit is equal to that for the document – letter in compliance invoice purchase; If the line of credit is available in a financial institution, the exporter`s credit quality and other credit renewal conditions are not restrictive. The purchase of export bonds relates to short-term financing that the Bank of China Brussels Branch makes available to the exporter after it has delivered the goods and has submitted valid documents in accordance with L/C or the agreement.

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