Blue Pencil Agreement

What is a blue pencil ruler? A contract is an agreement between two or more persons or parties for the performance of certain acts, which creates a legal obligation for all parties to perform the tasks indicated. However, a party may be faced with a situation in which a part of the contract, although legal and valid, is not applicable. The mason v. provident clothing and supply co. court According to this standard, only offensive words will be invalidated if it were possible to remove them simply by running a blue pencil instead of modifying, adding or rearranging words. The Blue Pencil rule allows courts to remove only hurtful provisions and enforce the rest of the agreement. However, the revised version must be the original meaning; the rule should not be called to remove, for example, the word « no », which allows you to change a negative to a positive. Not all states have adopted the blue pencil rule. States that use this doctrine to enforce non-competitive treaties have different approaches to their application. .

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