Signature Aluminum Collective Agreement

David has over 30 years of experience in the personnel field, the vast majority of which has worked in unionized environments across a wide range of industries. As such, he has extensive experience and experience in the field of labour relations, having negotiated numerous collective agreements during his career as Chief Negotiator. Prior to joining Signature Aluminum Canada, Inc., David worked for approximately 8 years at a production company, where he presented significant leadership qualities and strategic directions to support the company`s mission to become a first-class automotive supplier. Signature Aluminum Canada, Inc. will strive to be a prominent corporate citizen. We must always act responsibly in our affairs and in all the communities in which we operate. Pressure to work faster and warm up in the summer The work environment at Signature Aluminum Canada, Inc. promotes employee growth, safety and self-esteem. Our management must offer positive leadership through coaching, team building, positive union-management relationships, innovative problem solving and willingness to take on and share responsibilities. Our employees receive the tools, training and encouragement they need to work at the highest level. Our goal is success through teamwork. Looooooong hours.. hard work.

Mismanagement,,,no breaks David also spent 16 years of his career working for a large organization with a strong North American presence, where he held the title of Vice President of Human Resources. Managing change and improving employment through human practices are the cornerstones of its success. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Administration. Employees of Signature Aluminum Canada, Inc. are encouraged to aggressively strive to continually improve all administrative and operational processes. Our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs of internal and external customers by providing products and services of the highest quality. Indeed, we will constantly strive to exceed our customers` expectations.

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