Vivid Housing Tenancy Agreement

At the end of your starting tenancy, you will either be offered: New tenants of co-ops can be offered a start-up rent. These usually last 12 months and are like a “sample” period. Write a comment, phone from the customer experience team Emma said, it`s the same lady, With whom I spoke in repairs, and still nothing is done, no one has phoned you back, no one is still looking after you, all living desires is my hard earned money, I phone almost every day only for a little help and nothing hello in writing this assessment as very satifized by the way living homes and colleges there have helped me and helped my much appreciated family munday Check your rental contract or ask your housing company, if you don`t know what kind of rent you have. Just Out bad quality price real estate!! The service is well given below value and too expensive for quality. Worked: The double glazing does not last 3 years, because our condensation between the glazing of all our windows each morning has heating during the cold. I would like Trust Pilot to allow images so I can show them ALL the mistakes the mother had. If you live in a 2nd floor apartment with someone up in a separate block (I say Owned Block, because there are only the own apartments that people have on 3rd Floor, in the social blocks, they don`t have the discontent of the people above them, just a roof or a loft.) They listen to their tea/coffee in the morning with every link and Clank in the closet runs their water, etc. So the design is not quality, you will also hear downstairs closets always go their cups and plates etc as well as both washing machines are listening to them spin and thunder through the ceiling and walls as well sound proofing absent to say the least. VIVIDHomes know how to make the roof and take the must of it is a private tenant and owner for a little given possible!! They are employees are sarcastic and casual even before you get bored with them and start aerating!! You will look for the deficit in the service if you owe you 50% of 3m more due to covid only with them from 1ce a Fortnight instead of the week and low quality. (SEE SEND A GOOD WILL GESTURE FOR SERVICE NOT RENDERED during Covid-19. A gesture of goodwill of 12.03 USD for 3Cleans in 6 weeks if the service charge increases by 125 pms per year?!) We had a Musty Smell in our block for 6m plus ground floor, where we had mold that was previously in 2018-19, which was not only cleaned and it was after 6m and hundreds of photos.

The condensation in the Ground Floor Hall Path is like a rainforest with the exception of morning cleanser comes and shammies only for them in the evening that make the mold come back (it`s either the locals or cleaner that covers it with Airfreshner, but then it`s just a combination of odors). Always wait for Water Ingress on the third floor Vestibule, which has been waiting since 2019 and Gerest is there without anyone having done it for months and with nothing. They Out Right Refuse to Salt Path Ways advises that suggestively, it is not mandatory to do so after resident meetings. Resident meetings are only made for Pacificization, not really done anything like everything is proposed as suggestive and not mandatory as well, nor actually serve A Purpose Other as for VIVIDHomes Ltd to prove that they show the face and say that they “listened”. I advised my mother to contact by email for questions and her email is blocked continues at PostMaster. Even though I was one in touch and not her!! Know that she won`t make contact by phone, because they can`t be trusted not to change the stories. (I was in contact, but due to frustration and anger with lack of service and blatant disregard for customers, I was banned from contacting, behaving towards employees through my personal email) so I am now clearly blocked. As a family, we refuse to deal with VIVIDHomes by phone or unwritten forums because they change and refuse their stories when they are so challenged, so That Written is The Only Way, so we have their black and white answers as evidence of the discrepancy in stories. You can do anything you can consei

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