What Is The Difference Between Scheduling Agreement Document Type Lp And Lpa

You then use the header data to get an overview of the versions of the respective planning agreement item. There is no (I can`t find) a doct:LPA type in VOV8. GreetingsSumanth Are these types of sales documents in VOV8? & LP DS and LPA is it IRC? The planning agreement is created in the SAP system. To enable the transmission of the information contained in the planning agreement to the provider, the system generates a message for the planning agreement. The default sales document type for planning agreements is LZ. Deliveries are automatically created from the scheduling list of the planning agreement. Deliveries are made if the list of delivery due dates is executed on the same day that the schedule is relevant for deliveries. There are two types of publication of planning agreements: in the output documentation (in the standard system type of the LPA document), the classifications in the system have an internal character. This means that you can change them in any way. If you use scheduling agreements without a publishing document (an LP document type), the message is generated directly. You can create a planning agreement against the centrally agreed contract, which is advantageous for price negotiations because purchases are made in large quantities. These terms mentioned in the agreement should not change.


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